ABB Deploys Solution of Micro-grid + Hybrid Energy Storage Technology in USA
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  Recently, ABB provided the solution of micro-grid with hybrid energy storage technology (i.e. battery energy storage and flywheel energy storage) to Anchorage, Alaska, USA to test the power scalability of Anchorage and improve the stability of the electric power used by 300,000 residents of this city.

  The project, launched by Chugach Electric Association Inc. (hereinafter referred to as Chugach Electric) of Anchorage, aims at making sure that energy storage technology can be used to store and transport more renewable energy, including the wind power produced by a 17 MW wind power plant (4 km away from Anchorage coast) from FireLand.

  As the solution of modular micro-grid and container micro-grid proposed by ABB, Power Store will implement hybrid energy storage technology in Anchorage, among which the flywheel energy storage will be used for wind power integration, and the battery energy storage of 500 kWh/2 MW will be used for a long-term storage.

  The Micro grid Plus control system of ABB will be mainly used to monitor the operation of the hybrid energy storage technology and ensure the proper allocation of power load between the two technologies, while the operation and maintenance of the micro-grid will be achieved by remote cloud control platform.

  Paul Risse, Senior Vice President of Power Supply Department of Chugach Electric, said that “the innovative solution will show the outside world that energy storage technology plays an important role in the development of renewable energy of Alaska and is of great significance for the promotion of renewable energy project in other small towns of Alaska.”



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