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The Technical Specification of 66KV twisted Flexible Cable for Offshore Power Generation with the Participation of Far E...
Author:fegroup Release time:2022-02-24
Recently, the technical specification of TICW22-2022 "Torsion resistant Soft Cable for Wind Power with rated voltage of 66kV(Um = 72.5kV)" was officially released, which was jointly formulated by Cable manufacturers such as Far Ea... View details
Opening Ceremony! Far East Composite Technology National Specialized and Special
Author:fegroup Release time:2022-02-24
On February 10, Wuxi Bureau of Industry and Information Technology held the promotion meeting of specialized and special "Little Giant" enterprises in Wuxi, which was presided over by Vice Mayor Gao Yaguang. The meeting aims to su... View details
Blockbuster! Far East Holdings Was Selected as National Industrial Internet Pilot Demonstration!
Author:fegroup Release time:2022-02-15
On January 14, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released the list of 2021 industrial Internet pilot demonstration projects, the Far East Holding Group industrial Internet identification analysis secondary nodes ... View details
Bulletin of Glad! Far East Cable Won the Title of
Author:fegroup Release time:2022-02-15
Recently, the 2021 national enterprise standard "Front-runner" list was released in the China Institute of Standardization "Enterprise standard Front-runner management information platform". Far East Cable Q/320282DCE138-2021 "Win... View details
Power grid
Author:fegroup Release time:2022-02-14
Both the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and the Central Economic Work Conference held at the end of 2021 set the economic growth roadmap for 2022 as "keeping stability as the top priority and making progress while m... View details
Far East Cable Helps China Lead the World in High-speed Rail
Author:fegroup Release time:2022-02-13
Recently, many people have finished visiting relatives and traveling, and have returned to their places of work and study. A total of 131 million trips were made by railways, highways, waterways and civil aviation during the holid... View details
2022 New Energy Development Set the Tone to Sound the
Author:fegroup Release time:2022-02-11
The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games is in full swing, with 26 venues in three competition areas being supplied with 100% green electricity for the first time in history. The "green" concept of hosting the Olympics reflects the i... View details
Fight to Win! Anhui Cable Cast High-end Nuclear Grade Cable
Author:fegroup Release time:2022-01-28
China has embarked on a successful path of domestically made nuclear power development, from the general procurement model of foreign equipment with a high import rate of 99% to the current domestic production rate of nearly 90% o... View details
In Accordance with the Concept of Green Hosting of the Olympics, the Far East Liquid-cooled High-power Charging Cable wa...
Author:fegroup Release time:2022-01-28
In less than 10 days, the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games will begin. This Winter Olympics, "green" has become a prominent feature, whether it is energy, venues, or transportation, are full of "green" elements. For example, tran... View details
This is the“Advanced Intern Challenge”,an invincible experience created by the Far East
Author:fegroup Release time:2019-08-12
  8th August, achievement release conference of the “Advanced Intern Challenge” that hosted by the Far East Holding Group was successfully concluded. 36 interns from 12 universities attended the week-long activity which started fr... View details


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