Far East Joins Hands with Heraeus, an Excellent German Enterprise, to Seek Win-win Development
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  On the afternoon of May 24, Jan Rinnert, Chairman of the Group Management Committee of Heraeus which is the world's largest service provider of precious metals and one of the "Top Ten Family Enterprises" in Germany, Dr. Ai Zhouping, President of Greater China region, and Chen Libin, manager of Communications Department paid a visit to Far East Holding Group. Jiang Xipei, the founder, Chairman of the Board and Party Secretary of Far East Holding Group Co., Ltd., Shao Liang, investor, supervisor of the group, director of the general manager service department of Far East Smarter Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Smarter Energy, stock code: 600869), Zhou Xiaolan, director assistant of international department of Far East Cable Co., Ltd. and others participated in the reception and talks.

Exchanges between the Two Sides

    The meeting stemmed from a solemn agreement between two sides two months ago. At the sub forum of annual meeting of Boao Forum for Asia on March 24, 2017, Jiang Xipei and Jan Rinnert,respectively as the representative of Chinese and foreign outstanding enterprises,discussed on how was Invisible Champion tempered. Speakingon the same stage impressed both sides, so they on the spot reached the agreement to meet again. To this end, Jan Rinnert deliberately took an airplane from the Japanese to Shanghai on his business trip, and drove for 3 hours to Yixing, which not only embodied the continuation and sublimation of the friendship between the two sides, but also laid the foundation for the win-win cooperation of two excellent companies in the future.

    In the nearly three hours of visits and talks, the two sides had a deep exchange on the development process , business layout, corporate culture, family governance, development opportunities and cooperation potential of their respective enterprises. Jiang Xipei introduced three major undertakings in Far East of industry, education and charity. He said, Germany, advanced in many areas, is a responsible country as the symbol of the craftsman spirit. And coincidentally, Jiang Xipei has been adhering to the craftsman spirit to develop Far east from a small factory into one of "Chinese top 500 enterprises", "Chinese top 500private enterprises" and "Chinese best employer enterprises", one with the current annual operating income of nearly 40 billion yuan, the brand value of RMB 35.268 billion and 11,000 employees. Jiang Xipei pointed out that in this regard, Far East and Heraeus had a lot of common grounds of opportunities to exchange and learn from each other.

Jan Rinnert is Speaking at the Seminar

    Jan Rinnert expressed deep admiration for the brilliant achievements of Jiang Xipei’s entrepreneurship in the past 30 years and introduced Heraeus's development process. Heraeus stemmed from a small pharmacy in Germany Hanau in 1660, and has become a global leading family business after 11 generations of development, whose markets focus on environmental protection, energy, health, motor vehicles, industrial applications and other fields. In 2016, Heraeus's revenues exceeded EUR 21.5 billion with about 12,300 employees and more than 100 subsidiaries in 38 countries. The Greater China region is one of the three most important markets for Heraeus with more than 2,500 employees and 20 companies.

    Jan Rinnertstressed that Heraeus's development strategy happened to coincide with the "business + investment" strategy of Far East. As a family business, Heraeus adopted two development ways to expand business: on the one hand, it aims to be a market leader in the main business of precious metals and continues to expand business organically around the major field. On the other hand, it seeks the extension development through mergers and acquisitions, becoming the world's largest service provider of precious metals through merger and acquisition in April.

    On the opportunities and directions of the future development, Jan Rinnert thought that the strategic concept of the Belt and Road proposed by Chinese President Xi Jinping not only contained great business opportunities and potentials, but also embodied an open and constructive concept, providing the most needed impetus for the sustained and healthy development of the world economy. He said that Chinese and foreign enterprises faced common challenges and opportunities, and Heraeus was willing to work with such excellent Chinese enterprises as Far East to explore the Belt and Road market and to reap the fruits in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and other regions .

Jiang Xipei is Speaking at the Seminar

    Jiang Xipei pointed out that there was also a big change in the global market where some traditional companies are transforming, with unimaginable developments in such areas as intelligent manufacturing, the Internet, networking, finance and biomedicine. But it needs entrepreneurs to achieve the imagination of the future and progress in science and technology. Therefore, visionary and capable entrepreneurs will have a promising future. For example, Germany is carrying out the industry 4.0, while China is actively implementing the Belt and Road and national strategies for manufacture in China by 2025. So two business leaders agreed that the market would enter a new stage of development as global markets formed. In the new stage, Far East Group and Heraeus will enjoy a lot of complementary advantages, further exploring the opportunities to deepen cooperation and seek common situation.

Jiang Xipei and Jan Rinnert are Shaking Hands

    At the end of the talks, Jan Rinnert sent an invitation to Jiang Xipei to meet again, expressing that the Heraeus's headquarters in Shanghai, the global headquarters in Germany Hanau and the companies in Europe would welcome Jiang Xipei. Jiang Xipei accepted the invitation, emphasizing the consistent concept of Far East-"A man who holds my hand is a friend of Far East". In the applause of everyone, two business leaders tightly shook hands, together wishing the friendship between Far East and Heraeus to continuously develop.

Visiting Science Museum of Smarter Energy

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