Smarter Energy Lights Up a New Beijing Landmark— “Zhongguozun”
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 After a decade of stable operation of the 10 KV lifting cables for super high-rise buildings independently developed by Far East in Shanghai World Financial Center, Far East Smarter Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Smarter Energy”, stock code: 600869) will serve another new landmark— the tallest building in Beijing called “Zhongguozun”.  

    Recently, Far East Cable Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Far East Cable”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Smarter Energy, has signed a supply contract with China Construction Industrial & Energy Engineering Co., Ltd., which marks that Far East Cable will provide lifting cable products designed for super high-rise smart buildings and the system design support for Beijing Citic Tower or “Zhongguozun”.    


Design Sketch of “Zhongguozun”

    Beijing Citic Tower or “Zhongguozun” is a super high-rise building located in Z15 core area of the CBD in Chaoyang District, Beijing. This project sets 8 world records and 15 domestic records. The building has an overall floorage of 437,000 ㎡ and is 528 meters tall with 7 underground floors and 108 floors above the ground. Once completed, it will become the tallest landmark in Beijing.              

    The research and technical team of Far East Cable has designed a 10KV lifting cable for super high-rise buildings and exclusive auxiliary lifting appliances based on their multiple on-site investigations and studies and the well-shaped structure of the building. Apart from the capability of adapting to the installation and use environment of small-sized electric cable wells and reliable overall tensile strength, the cable has excellent fire resistance, which means it can still power on within the prescribed time in burning, hence ensuring the normal operation of lighting in exits, emergency broadcasting, fire alarm devices, automatic firefighting equipment and other emergency equipment when a fire happens. Meanwhile, it features little and less poisonous smoke in burning so as to ensure safe and stable power supply in the building and bring considerable economic and social benefits.      

    In fact, early in 2008, Far East Cable provided 10KV lifting cables for super high-rise buildings for Shanghai World Financial Center as the first domestic operator able to independently develop lifting cables used in super high-rise buildings and provide cable lifting and laying service. The longest one among the cables reached 708 meters and weighed 14 tons, hoisted from 131 to 400 odd meters above the ground. The underground horizontal installation, vertical installation and high-rise horizontal installation included in that project all set precedents in domestic hanging installation and constriction.    

    This time, Far East Cable has again won the bidding of a super high-rise construction project, which embodies Smarter Energy’s high technical skills and strength of providing comprehensive solutions in super high-rise power supply and distribution system and manifests its status in this field.              

    According to incomplete statistics, there are over 10 super high-rise buildings under construction domestically, such as Shenzhen Ping’an International Finance Center (660 m), Suzhou Zhongnan Center (729 m), Tianjin 117 Tower (597 m), Shanghai Central Tower (632 m), Wuhan Greenland Center (606 m), East Guangzhou Tower (530 m), etc. With the increasing social development demand for environmental protection and energy conservation, the prospect of green architectures is paid much attention by people. Technologies like power supply and distribution system for high-rise and super high-rise buildings, Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) and smart fire control and power supply in particular have become the wind indicator of green architecture development. Far East Cable has been focusing on R&D of High-end cables used in power supply and distribution system for green architectures, which can help Smarter Energy better benefit from the tide of green architecture development and smart city construction.            

     Smarter Energy will also continue to target cutting-edge technologies, generic technologies and key technologies that lead industrial development, actively conduct technological innovation and strengthen research on application foundation of relevant fields. Besides, it will constantly improve its scientific research capability, focus on market-oriented services like clean energy, smart grid, smart city (smart buildings), smart transportation and high-end equipment and consolidate transformation and development toward a “world leading service provider of smart energy and smart city system”.      



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