Jiang Xipei Appointed “Development Consultant of the Private Economy of Taizhou Municipal People’s
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On July 11, the 4th Taizhou Private Economy Cooperation Promotion Conference was held in Taizhou, Jiangsu. Jiang Xipei, Chairman of Jiangsu Private Enterprises Development Promotion Association, Founder of Far East Holding Group Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as “Far East”), President of the Board and Secretary of Party Committee, Yao Jingyuan, the famous economist, Contract Research Fellow of the Counselors Office of the State Council and the former Chief Economic Engineer of National Bureau of Statistics of PRC, Song Shaoting, First Vice Chairman of the Board of Pacific Construction Group, Jiang Baoquan,  National Outstanding Private Entrepreneur and Chairman of the Board of Goldfoil Holding were invited to attend the conference. Jiang Xipei was appointed as “Development Consultant of the Private Economy of Taizhou Municipal People’s Government” on the scene.

Yao Jingyuan delivers a keynote speech

Zhang Xiaobing, Deputy Mayor of Taizhou City, attended the conference and delivered a speech. During the keynote speech, Jiang Xipei made the speech entitled “Main Business + Investment” Revitalizes the Entity Economy. “Private economy is the “jumping” economy. Do well then go upstairs, otherwise jump from the ‘economic building’”. Jiang Xipei pointed out the living dilemma, “the ‘glass door’ and ‘swing door’make plenty of private enterprises feel helpless.”

Zhang Xiaobing presides over the conference

Jiang Xipei delivers a keynote speech

He pointed out that the contribution of private economy to Chinese economic development is huge. From central government to local government, all levels of governments encourage the development of private economy. To develop private economy, not only the right time, right place and right people are needed, but also the Top-Down Design, furthermore, a more systematic, forward-looking, global considered and sustainable institutional arrangement is needed. For instance, how to better protect the intellectual property? How to better execute the Law of the People's Republic of China on Product Quality, Law against Unfair Competition of the People's Republic of China, particularly Invitation And Submission of Bids Law of The People's Republic of China,making those laws and regulations yield more dividend.

Jiang Xipei mentioned that the current “New Third Board” companies and “Main Board” listed companies in China are the most precious possessions. There are more than 160,000 corporate enterprises in China, whether the New Third Board trading threshold can be lowered down to enhance the mobility and improve enterprises’financing function. He confessed, “Cultivating those enterprises most of which are more transparent and standard is fostering the future of Chinese economy.”

Jiang Xipei advocated adhering to the orientation of supporting the outstanding and the strong. Although the status of state-owned enterprises cannot be ignored, the private and wholly foreign owned enterprises still play essential roles. To avoid the crisis of misallocation, we need better direction and strategy, enterprises that can allocate sources to maintain a sustained development and profit, particularly the outstanding ones with international competitiveness.

Jiang Xipei said that for the development of Jiangsu private economy, although various difficulties exist, Jiangsu private economy stands on the solid ground, and we need to seize the current opportunities to achieve upgrading and transformation. In the future, most enterprises may not exist, thus, we should adopt the right direction and strategy, standardize our operation and management, hire qualified employees with full attention and learn from the model of the industry.

Jiang Xipei is appointed as “Development Consultant of the Private Economy of Taizhou Municipal People’s Government”

Jiang Xipei introduced the “main business + investment” strategy and the history of transformation and upgrading of Far East. He emphasized that the core element of enterprise development is “human”. Insisting on people-oriented model from its foundation, now, Far East turns to performance- and efficiency-oriented, shifting all the resources to the employees with good performance and high efficiency to create the atmosphere of common venture, and grasp the core competitiveness.

Shen Yechang, an investor, Vice Marketing Director of Far East Smarter Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Smarter Energy", stock code: 600869) and Senior Marketing Director of Far East Cable Co.,Ltd., Zhang Junde, General Manager of the exclusive store, Marketing Manager, Jiang Bo and Tang Ze accompanied to attend the meeting.

Participant leaders of Far East take a photo together

Scene of the 4th Taizhou Private Economy Cooperation Promotion Conference



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