Far East Holding Group Wins the First Place of “The Coolest Company in China” of the Manufacturing Industry in Jiangsu Province
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 On August 17, the Eight Station of the National Tour of Alibaba DING Summit was held in Nanjing. The summit is the first session since the strategic upgrading of DingTalk to “The Coolest Company”. Far East Holding Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Far East Holding Group”) won the first place of the “The Coolest Company in China” of the manufacturing industry in Jiangsu Province. Kuang Guangzheng, an investor and CIO of Far East Holding Group, and Shi Anhua, Deputy Director of IT Application and Service Department of the group attended the summit.

    The summit released the top 10 “Coolest Companies” of the six major industries in Jiangsu Province, namely, internet/information technology, manufacturing industry, service industry, trade/wholesale/retail, real estate/construction industry, and transportation/logistics/warehousing. The other companies ranked top also included China Unicom, Changzhou Branch and Sinopec Pipeline Storage & Transportation Co., Ltd.

    According to the introduction, the outstanding enterprises in the list not only represent the transformation of traditional peers to the iCloud and mobile times, but also represent the rise of emerging enterprise of mobile internet. According to the concept of “The Coolest Company in China” of DingTalk, “daring to be different, self-motivation and social responsibility”are the three key words of cool company. All the enterprises in the list are the good interpretation of this concept.

Shi Anhua (in the middle) receives the award on behalf of the company

    Since October 2016, Far East Holding Group started to promote the use of DingTalk in the group. So far, the employees in DingTalk are over 5,400, the activation rate reaches more than 94%, and the users are over 3,500 per day. From the initial instant communication and news being bound to reach, to the various systems integration of OA, ERP, E-HR and E-learing, DingTalk has been the most frequent used office software of companies. This software reduces the communication cost, improves the operation efficiency and also influences part of partners to use it as their working tool.



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