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China’s New Energy Vehicle Realizes “Counterattack”
author:fegroup Release time:2017-07-26
 A few days ago, the world-renown management consultancy Roland Berger released the Report on Global Electric Vehicle Development Index in Q2 of 2017. In this report, China ranked top in the electric vehicle development index for ... View details
Global Market of Cable for Submersible Pump Will be Valued at USD 4.4 Billion in 2023
author:fegroup Release time:2017-07-15
 Cables for submersible pump are dedicated supporting cables for electric submersible pump unit. They are laid in oil wells. The lower end is connected to leading cable, while the upper end links with ground control cabinet. Accor... View details
Wind Power Will Take the Lead in the
author:fegroup Release time:2017-06-07
The high cost of the electricity generation has always been the main constraint on the new energy development in our country. In order to lead, promote the continuous health development of energy-related industries, and improve th... View details
Analysis on Market Prospect of New Energy Vehicle and Power Battery 2017
author:fegroup Release time:2017-04-24
    The development of new energy passenger car is relatively sound. The total credit combination system boosts its growth in the medium and long term. In 2016, the yield of new energy passage car was 344 thousand vehicles, and th... View details
Monitoring Warning Released by National Energy Administration Requires No New Wind Power Project Built in China’s Six P...
author:系统管理员 Release time:2017-03-25
  2017 wind power investment monitoring warning released by National Energy Administration today indicates that provinces (autonomous regions), such as Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Ningxia, Gansu and Xinjiang (including Xi... View details
ABB Deploys Solution of Micro-grid + Hybrid Energy Storage Technology in USA
author:系统管理员 Release time:2017-03-25
  Recently, ABB provided the solution of micro-grid with hybrid energy storage technology (i.e. battery energy storage and flywheel energy storage) to Anchorage, Alaska, USA to test the power scalability of Anchorage and improve t... View details


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