The “Quality Month” Activity of the Cable Industry of Smarter Energy Is Launched
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  On September 4, actively in response to the call of national quality month of “vigorously improving the quality to build the quality power” initiated by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China, carrying forward the spirit of craftsmanship, and creating the quality Far East Holding Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Far East Holding Group”), the Kick-off Meeting of “Quality Month” activity of the cable industry of Far East Smarter Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Smarter Energy", stock code: 600869) was launched at the Harmony School of Far East University, marking that the one-month “Quality Month” activity of Far East Holding Group was launched.

    A total of over 270-staff delegation led by Jiang Huajun, an investor, a member of the Board, Vice President and CEO of Smarter Energy, Wang Chuanbin, an investor, Deputy Supervisor and Senior Consultant of Smarter Energy, and Principal of Technology Research Institute, Zhu Changbiao, an investor, Deputy General Manager of Smarter Energy and Senior Deputy General Manager of Far East Cable Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Far East Cable”), Wang Xiaoqiang, Assistant to General Manager of the cable industry of Smarter Energy, Xu Jing, Senior Director of Smarter Energy and Principal of the Third Department of Cable Research & Development, Principals of the Technical Service Department, Principals of departments of Technology Research Institute, group leaders of the manufacturing plant and the superior, all staff of the Quality Management Department and the Measuring and Calibrating Center, and operation staff representatives of various manufacturing plants participated in the meeting.

Before the Kick-off Meeting, all participants read off the Declaration of Self-Discipline

Li Lin presides over the meeting and clarifies the schemes and requirements of the activity

    Li Lin presided over the meeting. He introduced the activity schemes of the “Quality Month” of Far East Holding Group, including the 4 aspects of implementation of quality publicity, implementation of knowledge contest of quality and cases contest of quality improvement, organization of the experience sharing of quality model, and implementation of process inspection and internal audit of quality system. Meanwhile, he clarified the requirements of the “Quality Month” activity, which are vigorously promote and implement the quality culture, improving the awareness of quality of all staff, pursuing excellent quality, and assuring the 100% qualified delivery of products, to serve for customers and improve their satisfaction.

Ma Bohua (in the upper picture) and Zhou Weiqin (in the nether picture) report the quality feedback of the internal and external products of the company from January to August.

    Ma Bohua, an investor and Assistant to Director of Technical Service Department of Smarter Energy, and Ma Yueqin, an investor and Deputy Director of Quality Management Department of Smarter Energy reported the quality feedback of the internal and external products of the company from January to August. They both hoped that, being result-oriented, the company can trace to the procedure to find out and solve the problems, as well as firmly guarantee the quality brand of Far East Cable.

Zhu Changbiao makes the mobilization speech

    Zhu Changbiao made the mobilization speech. He requested that all staff of Far East Holding Group gather strength and advance bravely, firmly hold orders, ensure safety, carry out the lean production and guarantee the quality to truly promote the quality brand, and manufacture competitive products of Far East Holding Group. He hoped that all staff should hold the philosophy of “six possessions” - passionate enthusiasm for work, surefooted hard-working willingness, determined and positive innovation ability, difficulty-overcoming heroic determination, responsible work style and cooperative team spirit.

Jiang Huajun makes the summary

    Jiang Huajun made the summary. He pointed out that Smarter Energy has formed the four major business segments, namely, intelligent power product, power system of new energy automobile and Energy storage device, clean/new energy system and platform of internet electrical & electronics. As an important link of the industry chain of Smarter Energy, the cable industry should always insists on the excellent quality to become the priority of priorities of the business segments of Smarter Energy, striving to build the status of the best of the country and world leading enterprise. He clarified that it is so urgent to guarantee the quality that the staff should unify their understandings, achieve the “one voice, one requirement”, and effectively promote and implement the quality concept to comprehend the importance of quality from their deep heart, as well as efficiently and completely practice this concept to their daily work. The company should regard the improvement of quality as the commanding height of work. Through the diversified activities of the “Quality Month”, all staff shall comprehensively enhance quality consciousness, master quality knowledge, learn from and catch up with the quality models, improve their quality techniques, and ensure the 100% qualified products, so that to satisfy customers and the society, effectively achieving the “authentic quality, common future” and creating the powerful quality brand of Far East Holding Group.

Scene of the Kick-off Meeting

    In order to deeply implement the Quality Development Essentials for 2011-2020, and promote the construction of quality power, cooperating with units like relevant departments, industries and associations, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China launched the “Quality Month” activity nationwide in September 2017. As the leading enterprise of the cable industry, consistently insisting on the quality criterion, and adhering to the concept of “win through quality”, “quality goes first”, and “quality oriented”, Far East Holding Group organizes various quality activities in the company every year. With the simultaneous resonance of the national “Quality Month”, the counterpart of Far East Holding Group effectively responds to the call of the country to make unremitting endeavor in the process of building China into the quality power.



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