I'm Your Arm receives lots of positive reviews! A glimpse into how a chairman of a Top 500 Enterprise of China walks into the life of and guards the city dream of a disabled worker
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  On the evening of June 2, the documentary TV program I"m Your Arm zeroing in on the lives of migrant workers was broadcast on CCTV Financial Channel (CCTV-2) as scheduled. The program documented how Jiang Xipei, founder, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Secretary of the Party Committee of Far East Holding Group, makes friends with and learns glass spray carving skills from Yin Bin who is a disabled craftsman and embarks on an unprecedented life experience. The high ratings and public praise have spoken volume for the netizens" deep love for the two protagonists for their constant pursuit of life and dream.


  Scene of I"m Your Arm TV Program

  Founded by Jiang Xipei, the Far East Holding Group was once a small factory located in the Yangtze River Delta region. Among the earliest co-founders, two were disabled people, so Jiang had developed a deep connection with the community from the very start. Through 34 years of development, that small factory has become a large private joint-stock enterprise in China. As this entrepreneur who has led Far East to gain a place in Top 500 Enterprises of China keeps scaling new heights in business, he has employed more than 2,000 disabled people, accounting for one fourth of the Group"s total workforce.

  Yin Bin is a skilled glass spray carver who can make ordinary glass into exquisite spray carvings. However, born without arms, Yin was often refused when he expressed his interest to learn craftsmanship. In spite of so many difficulties, he did not yield to fate. In order to achieve his dream, he went through unimaginable hardships.

  When Jiang starts learning craftsmanship from Yin, this entrepreneur who has been helping the disabled people for the past 30-odd years begins with carrying glass in uniform and hard-soled shoes, sweat soaking his shirt and dust smudging his face. Maybe such tiring work is the first time for him, but this experience of living with disabled migrant workers is especially meaningful to Jiang Xipei who has been helping the disabled people.

  In the documentary, in order to sell the works made by Yin Bin, Jiang Xipei set up a stall in the most crowded area in the city. Despite the expulsion of security guards, he shouted out from time to time, and carving products finally sold out at a quite good price.

  Shortly after returning home, Jiang Xipei invited Yin Bin and his family to Far East Holding Group to share his life with more than 2,000 disabled Far East employees, thus inspiring them to have more dreams about life. At the same time, he also provided Yin Bin"s daughter with cochlear implants and other auxiliary equipment to relieve their pressure from medical fees.

  Jiang Xipei once said, "It has always be my dream to help more disabled people live a more dignified life." He not only talks the talk, but also walks the walk. Inspired by the belief, he founded the Far East Charitable Foundation and set up "Far East Entrepreneurship Street for Disabled People" and "Far East Helping Point for the Disabled Entrepreneurs" to mainly provide entrepreneurship assistance for the disabled people. At present, 256 helping points have been set up in six cities across the country.


  Inauguration Ceremony for the Far East Entrepreneurship Street for Disabled People in 2010

  Helping others will benefit yourself as well. It is not only Jiang Xipei"s dream but also the common wish of the whole society to make the disabled people live a peaceful and happy life without livelihood concerns. Going forward, the Far East Holding Group will continue to provide assistance for the disabled people, help them build self-confidence and remove psychological barriers, and enable them to live a happier and more dignified life. Use life to influence life. Let"s join hand in hand to make love more valuable.



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