The Technical Specification of 66KV twisted Flexible Cable for Offshore Power Generation with the Participation of Far East Cable Was Released
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Recently, the technical specification of TICW22-2022 "Torsion resistant Soft Cable for Wind Power with rated voltage of 66kV(Um = 72.5kV)" was officially released, which was jointly formulated by Cable manufacturers such as Far East Cable and wind turbine manufacturers such as Goldwind Technology, Vision Energy, Shanghai Electric, Sany Heavy Industry, Yunda Wind Power and other wind turbine manufacturers.

For the first time, this code specifies the service characteristics, code, model, specification and product expression method, technical requirements, test requirements, routine test, sampling test, type test, electrical test after installation, cable identification mark, acceptance rules, packaging, transportation and storage of the rated voltage 66kV flexible cable. The publication and implementation of the code will play a positive role in cable selection and safe operation of high-power offshore wind turbines.

As a leading enterprise in the cable industry, Far East Cable entered the field of wind power as early as 2002. Through continuous innovation and breakthrough, it has formed a power supply and distribution system solution that can meet the requirements of different models and operating environments. Far East Cable's wind power cables are highly recognized by customers for their remarkable leading advantages in scale, quality, industrial chain layout and R&D strength. With a market share of 30%, it has become one of the largest wind power cable suppliers in China.

Wind power cable is the core component of wind power generation system. With Xi 'an Jiaotong university, Shanghai electric cable research institute and wind host joint scientific research institutes such as technical research and development of the Far East cable series cables for wind power, conquering a series problems such as the system high flame retardant, corrosion resistant, lightweight, low cost, long life and large capacity transmission, achieving the safe and stable operation and full life cycle of wind turbines. Some products break international monopoly and promote the high quality and rapid development of China's wind power industry. It is worth mentioning that "wind power cable" was successfully selected as the single champion product of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, which shows the strong comprehensive strength of Far East Cable in the research and development of wind power cable.

In 2019, the Far East Cable followed mainstream development trend of wind power in overseas markets, targeted markets, and successfully trial-produced Asia's first 66kV high-voltage wind power torsion-resistant flexible cable for 8MW and above offshore wind turbines. This is another major breakthrough made by Far East Cable in the design and manufacture of high-voltage torsion-resistant flexible cable for offshore high-power wind turbines after 35kV medium-voltage wind power cable.

At present, the main customers of the wind power cables developed by Far East Cable are VESTAS, GE Wind power, Simens-Gamesa, Nordex, Suzlon and other foreign wind power manufacturers, as well as Goldwind Technology, Vision Energy, Guangdong Mingyang, Shanghai Electric, Yunda Wind power, Dongfang Electric, China Haizhuang Wind Power, Trinity Chongneng, CRRC Wind power, Sinove Wind power and other countries Wind power machine manufacturer. Related products have been applied in China, Chile, Spain, Vietnam, Mexico, South Korea, South Africa, the United States, India and other countries. This kind of products have high safety and reliability, wide environmental adaptability, excellent electrical and mechanical properties, which provide a strong guarantee for the wind turbine and win the praise of domestic and foreign wind turbine host manufacturers.



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