In Accordance with the Concept of Green Hosting of the Olympics, the Far East Liquid-cooled High-power Charging Cable was Unveiled at the Beijing Winter Olympics
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In less than 10 days, the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games will begin. This Winter Olympics, "green" has become a prominent feature, whether it is energy, venues, or transportation, are full of "green" elements. For example, transportation, hydrogen fuel buses and electric vehicles will become the main force to undertake the transportation task of the Winter Olympics. The proportion of new energy vehicles used is the highest in previous Winter Olympics.

In order to meet the intensive charging demand of electric vehicles, State Grid Corporation of China has continued to intensify efforts in the construction of charging stations. It has not only built the first integrated charging station of "generation, charging, storage and discharge" in Yanqing Competition Area in China, with 6 DC charging piles and 4 AC charging piles, which can provide charging services for 10 electric vehicles at the same time. At the same time, 12 charging stations and 383 charging piles have been built around the winter Olympics venues and along the Beijing-Li Expressway in Beijing.

It is worth mentioning that the venues of the Beijing Winter Olympics also launched new energy vehicle supercharging stations, further enhancing the charging service capacity. Far East Cable Co., LTD., a subsidiary of Far East Smart Energy Co., LTD (hereinafter referred to as: the Far East Stock code: 600869) offers the liquid-cooled high-power charging cable, ensuring the efficient, green operation of the project, and satisfying the needs of electric car owners for high power, fast charging, which reflect that the green Olympic concept is highly practiced

Although electric vehicles have many advantages and bright spots, it is difficult to charge and slow to charge, which have become a realistic problem in front of many owners. Compared with the slow charging of "a long stream of water", the convenient and efficient fast charging pile is more in line with the needs of car owners, which has become the focus of competition between car enterprises and charging pile enterprises. However, the continuous rise of charging power also puts forward higher requirements for technology, especially for charging piles with hundreds of kilowatts of power. Traditional air cooling technology can no longer meet the demand for heat dissipation, and liquid cooling technology has become one of the recognized reliable solutions in the industry.

Liquid cooling technology is to set up a special circulation channel between the cable and the charging gun, add coolant in the channel, bring out the heat through the power pump to promote the liquid circulation, which plays a role of heat dissipation. As a key component of charging, liquid cooling technology has high requirements on charging cables. Liquid cooling cables require conducting electricity and cooling liquid at the same time to ensure the safe operation of charging piles, which tests the technical reserve and innovation ability of cable enterprises.

As a leading enterprise in the cable industry, Far East Cable gives full play to its advantages of profound technical accumulation and innovative talents. After three years of research and several months of rigorous testing, it has successfully developed the liquid-cooled high-power charging cable. This type of liquid-cooled cable can conduct electricity while cooling with coolant. Compared with the traditional cable, the power can be increased by more than 3 times, the current-carrying capacity can be greatly improved, while the weight is reduced by more than 50%, and the endurance of 100km can be realized after charging 3-5 minutes. Not only that, the product has also passed the high temperature refrigerant corrosion test, with excellent blasting resistance, weather resistance, UV resistance test, low temperature resistance and other characteristics, to ensure the safety of charging, and effectively solve the problem of slow charging speed restrict the further development of new energy vehicles.

By virtue of superior performance and breakthrough technology advantages, Far East liquid-cooled high-power charging cable has successfully passed the certification of TUV Rheinland, which is the first product certification of liquid-cooled charging pile cable issued by TUV Rheinland in China, and has won high recognition in the industry. Relying on this product, Far East Cable successfully won the bid for the super charging station project of new energy vehicles for the Beijing Winter Olympics, contributing Far East strength to the green Olympics.

To review the development process of 37 years, the Far East Cable have the DNA of "green" in the enterprise, and has been under physical lines of practice "green development", including internally based on intelligent manufacturing of green plant transformation, to build a set of cables in order to promote green building development product and design - development - production - sales - service measures, and won the title of "Grade 5 Green Factory" issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, green Footprint certificate and other honors. In the future, Far East Cable will continue to adhere to green development and take the road of sustainable development, and the ultimate timely products and services will help realize the green China dream as soon as possible.



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